Furry Wedding Friends

This week’s post is inspired by my best friend. In discussing her upcoming wedding, she kept bringing up having a very important addition to her ceremony: her dog Pita. So here are a few things to remember when having your own furry friend at your special day.


Introduce the dog to the ceremony space prior to the actual event. This will allow him/her to sniff out anything they might be curious about and get them comfortable to the unfamiliar territory.


a0c7c00e794f8065c00a7b6f8c1e80d9Designate a friend as the responsible one for the pet. If you are choosing a bridesmaid or groomsman just be sure there is another person waiting in the wings in case the pet decides to act up during the ceremony.


Check with your venue to see if they will allow a pet onsite. Often pets are prohibited in areas where food is being served so you won’t want to plan the entire event and then find out your dog or cat can’t come.


May & Kelvin's Sydney engagement shoot in Cat Alley

 86125Be respectful of any of your guests who have allergies. As nice as it is that your animal means so much to you, it can wreak havoc on a guest with severe allergies even if the dog or cat is only present for a few minutes.




Lastly, prepare that anything can go wrong. Pets have minds of their own so don’t expect them to follow any plan that you have. They may decide that chasing birds down the aisle is more fun than paying attention to you or your guests.


Furry friends are often closer friends than some of the guests at the wedding are, so why not include man’s best friend in this most important day?

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