Having Children At Your Wedding

When considering incorporating children at a wedding, a bride must think of how to entertain them amidst a long day of events, so that way not only do the parents have fun, the kids have fun too!


Children Wedding Guests


Including children in the ceremony is very unique when mixing families.  Having children incorporated in the vow ceremony can make a child feel included in the big day.  Other ways to include children include honorary bridesmaids, flower girls or ring bearers. Keep in mind that some children may find being the center of attention scary and overwhelming. If they aren’t up for the task it might be better to just use them in pictures rather than having an unhappy child in your ceremony.



Consider creating a “kid friendly” zone for the reception.  A children’s table with candies and coloring books will keep the little ones occupied for hours.  Personalizing favors specific for children can keep them busy as parents enjoy the reception while making the children feel special.




Just because you are having a kids area does not mean it has to clash with the rest of your reception decor. Use small arrangements of flowers that tie in your floral centerpieces and still make the children feel like they are at a wedding too!



Finally, if you really want to make sure that the children are part of the wedding but don’t want them getting bored with the adult activities, consider hiring a company that specializes in children’s entertainment at weddings. Many of these companies will set up to the side of the room or in another room altogether and bring arts and crafts, dress up clothes, toys, and even iPads all to keep your littlest guests happy, entertained and part of your big day!


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